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do your products contain nuts?

Nope, no nuts here. The main ingredients in all our products are roasted sunflower seeds! Blooming Goods is also now produced in a proudly nut free facility!

how long can I keep my Sunflower Seed Butters?

Our sunflower seed butters have a shelf life  of 12 months from manufacturing. as long as they stored in a  cool dry place and kept airtight, we suggest you use it within 3-4 months after opening.. if you manage to keep it that long ;)

does the sunflower seed butter need to be stored in the fridge?

no, we simply store it in our pantry or kitchen cupboard. keeping your sunflower seed butter in the fridge will affect the consistency, so if you do prefer it on the colder side of life, just keep that in mind

there is oil at the top of my butter, why is that?

oil separation is completely normal for this product, and in fact it can be viewed as a positive attribute as it means no stabilisers or other unnecessary ingredients have been added. simply stir before use and enjoy 

are your sunflower seed butters vegan?

Yes!! all three flavours are now sweetened with organic coconut sugar (previously we used raw honey) making them 100% vegan friendly! yay!