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The sustainability factor

One of the main goals I had when starting this business was to create a positive impact. To me, however, the focus of that impact was on people. I dreamt (& still dream) of employing the masses and fighting poverty in our beautiful country.

While I am still on that mission, an added bonus impact that we are having is reducing the water demand on the agricultural sector by creating alternatives to nut butters, as tree nuts have quite a large water footprint.

Sunflowers are not only beautiful, and their seeds delicious, but they are also drought resistant, making them a far more sustainable crop than some tree nuts (ahem, pistachios and almonds).

Seeds in general have a lower water footprint than tree nuts, due to their lower water requirement as well as the dual uses for the crops.

While there are some nutritional differences between nuts and seeds, when making the choice between the two, the main difference is the sustainability thereof. So give seed butters a go, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised.



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