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  • The sustainability factor

    Sunflowers are not only beautiful, and their seeds delicious, but they are also drought resistant, making them a far more sustainable crop than some tree nuts (ahem, pistachios and almonds).
  • facing rejection...

    rejection isn't exclusive to entrepreneurship, but we sure do open ourselves up to it  the first rejection I remember is from when I was 9,and had ...
  • How Blooming Goods came to be

    This is a question I get often, and I love to get it because it gives me a chance to testify and tell the story of how I got the idea to start this little business of mine. While it may look like I was born to be an entrepreneur (lol), I actually never dreamed of starting and owning my own business. I dreamed of working until I didn't have to anymore and then becoming a housewife/stay-at-home-mom (not kidding, and also haven't necessarily given up on that ;) )